Who is the owner of Xiaomi or MI ? When MI gets started ?

Who is the owner of Xiaomi ? And Complete information about Xiaomi AKA Mi

Mi’s phone must have been used on its own, but do you know who is the owner of Xiaomi Or MI? And is Mi, Xiaomi the same company or are there different companies. With this, we are the company of which country and who is its head in India? You will get complete information about it here and you can get detailed information about the phone you are using.

Mi smartphones are the most popular brand in India and 5 out of every 10 have a Mi brand smartphone whether it is Redmi, Mi or POCO any series and this is a company that sells smartphones, headphones, TV and many other electronics products. Today we will get detailed information about Xiaomi company’s owner and all the facts related to it.


Who is the owner of Xiaomi Or Mi?

Many people believe that Mi is a company of India and Xiaomi is a company of China, but it is not so. All the names of Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi are the name of the same company, Xiaomi and it is not a company from India but a China company that has a manufacturing plant in India. So you see many Redmi and Mi Smartphones tagged with Made in India.



If we talk about the owner of Xiaomi | Mi Company, then there are many owners whose names are like this.

  • Lei Jun
  • Liu De
  • Lin Bin
  • Li Wanqiang
  • Zhou Guangping
  • Wang Chuan
  • Hong Feng
  • Wong Jiangji

These are the official founders of Xiaomi who have been associated with the company since 2010 and are experts in different fields like talking about Wong Jiangji, it is the co-founder as well as the lead of Mi Wifi & mobility team. . But Xiaomi’s main co-founder is Lei Jun and it is also Xiaomi Global CEO.

The first idea of ​​the Xiaomi company was also from Lei Jun, all the other founders connected to it later, then you can assume that the owner of Xiaomi AKA Mi is Lei Jun. Lei Jun started his career as a software engineer with Kingsoft and later went on to become the CEO of the company, today it is the Kingsoft Company Chairman and also owns a fast-growing mobile brand in the world.

Xiaomi is India’s most popular smartphone brand and customers like it the most in India but a lot of people have a question as to who is the CEO of Mi in India? As such, Xiaomi does not have a separate CEO post for the Country but Manu Jain is the head of Xiaomi India and is working as a CEO.

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When did Xiaomi Company start?

Xiaomi company started in April 2010 when Lei Jun started the company together with 6 other founders and launched its first Android firmware MIUI this year.

Seeing the success of Mi 1, the company launched the Mi 2 smartphone in the next year i.e. in 2012, which got an updated version and new UI interface.

With this, the company launched the TV in 2013 but the company’s biggest announcement came in 2014 when Xiaomi owner Lei Jun opened the company’s International Headquarters in Singapore and at the same time the company also opened its office in Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.

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In 2015 Xiaomi announced for the first time that it will launch its smartphones in India as well and this year Xiaomi MI4I launched in India and Ratan Tata bought some of Xiaomi’s stock.

Then you got to see Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, India’s most successful smartphone and in the year 2017, it became India’s number one smartphone.

Xiaomi currently makes smart toothbrush ranging from Smartphone, TV, Headphone, Speaker, Bag, T-shirt, Smartwatch, Smart Light, and has become the largest consumer electronics company in China.

Friends, hope you have got information about the owner of Xiaomi AKA Mi Company and you have come to know who is the owner of Mi? And this is the company of which country, if you use its smartphone, then definitely share information about it in the comment.

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