What does ‘1k’ and 1m’ means? Get Complete Information

If you are using social media like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram, etc, then you must have seen 1k, 2k, 10k, 100k, or 1m, 2m, 10m, 100m. What does the meaning of K and M? If you do not know, then it’s important to know about K and M means found on social media platforms. In this post, we will explain to you the meaning of 1k, 100k, or 1m, 100m. And also we will discuss the meaning of ‘k’ and ‘m’.


What does '1k means' or '100k means' or '1m means'? what is 'k' and 'm'?


We all are habitual of adopting shortcut methods either in social or personal life in all ways from speaking words to writing words. 1k, 2k, 100k or 1m, 2m, 100m also forms of this, people have made their own meaning and using it on social media. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, If you know then it’s good. But at present, there are many friends who do not know what 1k means, what 10k means, or 1m means, 10m means, etc.

On Facebook, you will find many photos, videos that are liked by 1k or 50k people. Same on youtube you can see many channels which are subscribed by 1m, 10m peoples. You can also see in this image, how likes are counted on Facebook and how subscribers are counted on youtube.

What does “K mean“?

So let’s see, what “K means”? If I only write K then it can have many meanings like,

  • In Chemistry, K means Potassium.
  • In Physics, K means Kelvin.

But the K we are talking about is related to math and here K means ‘Kilo’ which has a total of 1000 units. In such a situation, 1K means 1 Kilo i.e. 1000 units.

What does “1k means“?

As we have seen above K means ‘kilo’ which has 1000 units. So if we see 1k then it would be like

1k  =  1 x 1000 = 1000 = 1 thousand

We can write 1k in numbers is equal to 1000 because on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website it donates 1k views, 1k followers, or 1k comments instead of 1000.

What does “2k means“?

2k = 2 x 1000 = 2000 = 2 thousand

On social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. If someone gets 2000 likes on their pic then it will be displayed as 2k.

What does “10k means“?

Similarly, as we have seen above “K means” kilo, which means 1000 units. so if we saw 10k followers on someones Instagram account then its means –

10k = 10 x 1000 = 10000 followers = 10 thousand followers

What does “100k means“?

I think you have got complete knowledge about “k” and should also have an idea of what 100k means. If your answer is 100000 (1 lakh) then you are absolutely right. But again I show you below –

100k = 100 x 1000 = 100000 = 1 lakh

100k followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website refers to 100,000.


What does ‘1k’ and 1m’ means ? what is 'k' and 'm' means?


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What does “M means“?

Many people already knew the meaning of 1M because it has not been changed, It comes from mathematical terms that are used in counting. M stands for Million. Million is a unit which means one Million or 10 lakhs.

what does “1m means“?

As we knew, M means million which is equal to 10 lakhs (1000000). S0 whenever you see 1m on any social media platform then it means –

1m = 1 x 1 Million = 1 x 1000000 = 10 lakhs.

So whenever you saw any figure like ‘2m’, ‘5m’, ’10m’ or ‘1.5m’, ‘10.2m’ and you want to find the number behind that then just multiply that figure with 10 lakhs (10,00000). Like –

2m = 2 x 1000000 = 2000000 = 20 lakhs

5m = 5 x 1000000 = 5000000 = 50 lakhs

10m = 5 x 1000000 = 1,00,00000 = 1 crore

1.5m = 1.5 x 1000000 = 15000000 = 15 lakhs

10.2m = 10.2 x 1000000 = 12000000 = 1 crore 20 lakhs

Benefits of writing 1k or 1m?

You may be thinking, what are the benefits of these, if we write 1000 instead of 1k then what are the problems? No, there is no problem if you write 1000 instead of 1k. you can also 1000000 instead of 1M. But just think once how would it look on social media platforms. Might be you will also not it, if there are 1 crore followers on someones Instagram page then you will also prefer to write 10M instead of 100000000.

Conclusion –

Friends, I hope you have got an idea of what 1k means and what 1m means. If you use social media and don’t know about 1k means and 1m means then it’s the right time to know. I hope, you got the correct information about the meaning of 1k and 1m. So please share this post with your friends also so that they can also get this information.




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